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Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 3 - Choosing the Music

I think the music makes at least 50% of the great laser show. To be honest, I’m keen on trance/dance music, but that’s not suitable for this kind of events. Anyway, how to do a good music decision, you can find right in this post.

I think the best and safest choice is to choose Vangelis-like music – with the strong main melody and the music you feel like the soldiers are marching (hard to describe, but play our music and imagine marching soldiers – I think it fits). 

Vangelis was always a good choice for wide public laser shows


The music was so great when I've heard it for the first time


And I must say thanks to Andy from Lasershows srl, who provided a lot of good music. Usually when you have a lot of options, you get confused which one to choose. But here I had no such problem – the song was so much better than any other I had. If could compare it to something – it’s like when you enter the club and all the girls look the same - till you notice the one different. It’s so much more interesting than the others.


The music we’ve used has everything a good laser show music needs – strong main melody you can “follow with the beams”, strong bass underneath and at least 4-5 different sound sequences I could use. I think it’s important for laser show to have some kind of “story”. The audience must see, it’s changing and it’s graduating till the very end – and there … well I have a thing I could compare it to, but, this is a blog about lasers :) …

Bu the most important thing I like about the music, is the main melody. It’s easy to remember, so you can hmm-it on your way back home, it’s simple and straightforward. Just a few tones, but really in great easy-to-remember order. The perfect song for laser shows I guess :) …


And if your choice was good, people will hopefully like it :)…


The music is ready, now we can create some laser show finally. And we need software to do that.

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