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Multi laser scenes 2 - how to create laser effects quickly

There are several more tools you can use when creating laser show scenes for multiple lasers, that will improve your creation process. Let’s check, what other “cheats” you can use in Moncha.

Here is the video about the tools you can use in multi laser scene in Moncha:


You can also watch old tutorials for Moncha here:

Creating new effects directly in multi laser scene

In the previous blog post I’ve showed you, how you can assign simple scene to different laser outputs. But in case you create new laser show effects from scratch, you can just right click some laser output and select Create->Create tree effect. New simple scene is created in selected laser output.

In case you don’t know, how to create simple scenes, be sure to visit our older tutorials at


Selection groups

In case you need to create many new effects for more lasers, this feature can save you a lot of time. You can choose several laser outputs and save them as selection group in multi laser scene. These selection groups will be displayed in every multi laser scene.

Selection groups in multi laser scene

Selection groups can save you a lot of time


Copy/paste laser outputs

You can use standard windows Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in multi laser scene to copy and paste laser output effects to another laser output. Just select some laser output, press Ctrl+C, select some other laser output and press Ctrl+V.

Nice thing about this feature, you can even copy several laser outputs. This is practical especially in case you want to create symmetric effects for many lasers.



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Set position and size of one laser output quickly

You can define laser output size and position in multi laser scene. Just set the Size and position sliders in the multi laser scene window. Both position and size are copied when using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.


All these features can save you a lot of time when creating new scenes. I think that’s what makes you a professional – to deliver results immediately. 


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